From nothing to something… About me :)


I believe in hard work and determination are the keys to success. My confidence brought me from nothing to something.

I was born and brought up in a small village in Dharwad district of Karnataka state, India. Since I was good at Series completion, Analogy, Classification, Coding-Decoding, etc I got selected in a renowned Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya(A residential school). I’m the first person from our village to go out and study outside @ the age of 11. I finished my schooling, then pre-university course in Kittel science college Dharwad.

Saw an ad of a college that provides Aeronautical engineering in Indore and joined, which we later found out that it was not a college but a training centre that gives training for IMI, AMAeSI, AMIE courses. without telling this to parents applied for a commerce degree thru distance learning.
Me and my friends thought of shifting to Bangalore and continued writing degree exams and start working since we lavishly spent so much of our parents’ money for that course and hostel.

I was 20 when I came to Bangalore and lived in a cousin’s friends’ room. Later moved to one of my close friend’s friends’ room(all 3-4 yrs elder to me). All of them were engineering graduates looking for job.
Learned so many things from them and their friends. All got good job in TCS, HCL and ING. I was like a waste guy reading newspapers, playing chess and taking mental ability tests, eating sleeping was a routine.

Completed 4 months in Bangalore got bored of a daily ‘nothing doing’ routine. One day I decided to do a job and sent resume to my friend. He was working for Tata Teleservices on contract basis in a backend process. I got a interview call from Manjunath SV who was responsible for backend process, login process and customer application audit process. I went to the inverview and I got selected in half hour(On contract basis)…!! It was a night shift job and I was responsible for CAF audit/CAF scrutiny and service rectifications on Metasolve and Oracle CRM.

My dream wasn’t this, but I was very happy that I got job… 🙂 (It was Dec 2004, & I was in last year of my degree). I decided that I should be in a same industry so that my experince should count and I should become a good professional like my bosses.
I didn’t have a habbit of wearing branded dresses/watch/shoes because I wasn’t upto that level. Sitting infront of Forum Mall (Opp to Tata Tele office, Bangalore)
I used to think how people earn so much money and how do they spend so much money on dresses/shoes.
Then decided to become like them and started reading and learning things more about the industry by subscribing to telecom related articles and discussing with seniors. 20 months completed.
Tired of night shifts and moreover I had commerce degree in hand and decided to change. And as decided, searched a job in telecom industry only,

Joined Bharti Airtel (on contract again) as an Executive for Billing and credit control dept, there I was responsible for Billing Reco, credit control, MIS and reporting.

After an year got a call from OnMobile a well known telecom VAS company which was incubated by Infosys.
Since the requirement was in a renowned team called Business Intelligence and my role was campaign management and Data analytics,
I jumped from Airtel to OnMobile without asking them good money as I wanted to make a strong base for my life. I worked in OM for 2.2 Years and learned so many things that I can’t imagine.
Both my personal and professional life got changed fully. I use to called by a ‘branded man’ from my friends.

One day I got a call from Sunil, my ex colleague and friend saying that they have an opening for a Business analyst cum U&R Manager under Prashant Chacko,
I immediately sent resume after seeing Chacko’s professional history in Linkedin. Thinking that I can learn a lot from Prashant. I moved from OM to Verse Innovation Pvt ltd though it was a small company compared to OnMobile.
As I thought I learned even more things from Prashant Chacko, Ravanan, Rohit Shivaram, Virendra Gupta and team. Prashant and Viru helped me a lot in terms of everything professionally and personally.
Prashant moved from U&R to look after NewsHunt’s biz and he took me under him and now I’m working for NewsHunt’s Marketing team as a Biz Manager for NH mktg and Ad operations and Business Analytics…. 🙂

Now my parents and friends are very happy about my life and the hard work .
I got married to a sweetheart called Manjula a daughter of a renowned ex politician from Hospet in Apr 2012… Recently on 11th Nov 2013 we blessed with a beautiful baby girl named Saanvi 🙂 & This is story till now and this is how I turned from nothing to something 🙂 🙂


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